• More talk about beige?

    More talk about beige? Get on the beige bandwagon! My expertise is with flooring and so I’m a beige lover.

    Selling your home? The million-dollar realtors (the ones who sell lots of homes!) recommend a light, sandy beige on the floor. Let’s break this into 2 words: light & sandy. Think about the house you bought and model homes you’ve seen. The floor color is too light for real living, right? However, LIGHT sells. A light floor color shows the home as “clean”, “the rooms appear larger”, “neutral canvas that allows me to visualize my stuff in this house”. If you change the above vision to a dark brown floor base, for example, do you think clean? I think “what’s that floor hiding?” The room will feel smaller too. What if I own pine furniture and will be moving it to my new place? That picture of pine is in my head and if it clashes with the dark brown on the prospective house – I won’t even know why I don’t feel GOOD about this house – it’s because the current floor color is a clash with how I’ve been living and decorating up until now. That’s plenty to think about!

    Let me take you and the word sandy to the beach! Visualize yourself at a gorgeous vacation home and you notice windows everywhere! It would be boring to have a white or light floor with all this sunshine splashing in. A light beige turns white in this sunshine. Washed-Out is never pretty. The color selected for this floor will be several tones darker than you think (while at the flooring store) – and it will look perfect when you keep the word sandy in mind, for the warmth (and richness) that most homeowners desire.

    National Carpet & Floors in Crofton, MD has a deal called the “Realtor Special”. It’s a low-priced, very light, sandy beige carpet to help sell houses. It’s not the most realistic color for most homeowners, but it fits a recipe: show and sell this house! Of course we have beiges with more personality and depth for homeowners who want the low maintenance and beauty that this warm color can contribute.

    Flooring tip: Consider a lighter color in the bedrooms than on the main level.

  • Homeowners

    Hello Homeowners, Let’s talk about flooring! Owning a flooring business for 20 years means there are observations and tips that I have picked up and want to share.

    The #1 flooring color is beige. I grew up the oldest of 10 children in a large home in Northeastern PA where we were free to paint or decorate our own rooms = lots of colors. As a teen in the 70’s, I painted my bedroom walls lavender and got pastel colored chalk and drew flowers and loopy leaves along the top of a few walls. Then, I got my own social security number (must have been gearing up for my first job) and drew that in large format behind my door with the chalk. Made me happy.

    Fast forward to Crofton, MD in the 1990’s. I wondered why all the customers in our store bought beige carpet. Where are the fun, creative, colorful people? It took a few years for me to form an understanding with beige. The fun, creative and colorful people had homes filled with art and gorgeous wall colors and patterned furniture and to make these treasures stand out – it makes sense to make the floors neutral. Ohhh.

    Choosing beige has more to offer a room. It helps your finances! Flooring is usually something that is permanent (like wood or tile) or changeable, but not too often, because it’s a big project (like carpet). It’s much more easy and economical to change the feeling in a room with paint color or new pillows or an area rug than to empty it and start from scratch. I understand. By picking a neutral beige, people are maximizing their options and their dollars.

    Now, I spend plenty of time focused on the huge variety of beiges in the store. Warm and cool beiges. Light and dark beiges. Beiges with tints that lend themselves to pairing with other colors. Color selection is a sticky problem for many people. It immobilizes them and takes the joy of home decorating right out of their usually competent selves. Beige is safe. Beige is neutral. Beige is beautiful! More about color, next time.